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Copy of 'MOONPHASES' Leggings


Copy of 'MOONPHASES' Leggings


Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

Colour: Black

- SNUG fit
- super soft and cozy
- hugs nicely
- small elastic band (NO yoga band)
- sits tightly above hip bone (or higher, up to preference, does not slide)

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Can you spot the bunny in the moon?
Our iconic Bunny Moon handprinted in a Wiccan Moonphase Leggings Design on cozy black Cotton.
Original Art from a magical moment in the forest when our pet rabbit Taan posed just perfectly. The Animal print on this Cotton Legging is close to our hearts and now can be close to yours too. ❤️


Garment: US sewn L.A. Apparel Cotton Legging
- 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
- extremely comfy on the skin
- tight fit
- small elastic band, NO WIDE YOGA BAND
- sits tightly above hip bone (or higher up!) does not slide

☆ ☆ ☆

Erin and I screenprint our garments by hand. This means there may be slight differences from the exact product shown in the photo, but we ensure 100% quality, love and care with every piece we produce. Hand printed just for you!

We print with ‘discharge’ ink that removes the dye from the garment, which results in a print that you don’t feel and will never crack and peel. Fine fabrics deserve fine prints.

One leg has the Moonphases print going down the side, the other leg is UNPRINTED!

MEASUREMENTS & SIZING: The model is 5"8' and is comfortably wearing a Medium at 139lbs.

Sizes: S-XL
S: 4-6
M: 6-8
L: 10-12
XL: 12-14

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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