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Nuno-Felted Viking Cloak - Brown


Nuno-Felted Viking Cloak - Brown


Handmade item

Closure: Button

Hooded: No

Pockets: No

Materials: Brass Rivets, white Chiffon Silk, natural Grey Cowichan Wool, Silk Noil, magic

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Here goes my series of Fantastic Beasts inspired sleeveless wool felted Cloaks.
Magical, finely handfelted and adorned with the purpose of enhancing your unique outfits.

This grey "Viking Nights" Vest with two layers of Chiffon Silk is felted with coarser Cowichan Wool. (Vancouver Island sourced)
I doubled up the Chiffon Silk in the back for ultimate flow.
The wool is coarser and one might perceive it as a little scratchier compared to my super soft Merino Gowns. It pairs well with a dress underneath. If you are very sensitive or unsure, feel free to send me a message.

Shape & Materials:

▽▽▽ ▽▽▽▽▽
- Handfelted in one piece with natural grey Cowichan wool and lots of white silk coming out from underneath the vest
- adorned with brass rivets
- closes on the chest with felted ties
- Silk is hemmed with my sewing machine
- warrior like crop top
- Collar that can be shaped the way you want (folded down or high up)
- white Silk Noil adornments on the collar

This piece is adjustable and fits a size M-XL. If you are smaller than that size, feel free to let me know and I can sew on a wooden button that makes the piece close tighter.
I am the model, I am 5'8" & 139lbs and usually wear sizes S-M, this one is generous on me.

Created with a lot of light and love,

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