Wanderlust & Faeriedust

Clothing with Integrity

Artisan Screenprint and Felt Clothing made by Erin and Annina in beautiful BC Canada.

Screenprinter meets Fibre Artist…

We are a team of two artisans who l o v e to create. We draw, print and make e v e r y t h i n g independently in our studio in Quesnel, BC, Canada. Our products are handmade, unique and created with love to our own high standards.

Our Designs and Artwork are born from our love of many realms. We cross regularly into the worlds of Faeries and Elves, Pagans and Norns, nature’s vast mysteries and all of the world’s impossible things.…sometime six times before breakfast - and then again before second breakfast!

Our screenprinted clothing is ethically made, infused with love and made to last. When you feel the fibres you know. When you wear them, you wear a piece of us.

Our felt clothing is handmade from s c r a t c h by Annina. All designs are a reflection of the natural world, fantasy realms and her own unique mind.

Wanderlust & Faeriedust: The Making of an Artisan Clothing Brand

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